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Standard Gear Helm
Standard Gear Helm
Standard Gear Helm

Standard Gear Helm


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  • Universal Quick-connect single cable helm with a metal gearing system for smoother steering and minimal feedback, in a compact affordable unit.
    Suitable for outboards up to 115hp, inboard and sterndrives boats up to around 9 metres and max speed of 50 MPH (80KPH).
    The helm is made from non-corrosive cast alloy and can be mounted at 90 degrees using the bezel kit provided.
    Suitable for Multiflex cables and also suits Ultraflex and Teleflex quick connect steering cables.

    Steering Helm Feature:
    Thread connect,
  • easy installation
  • No.of steering wheel turns:3approx
  • Max steering wheel dia.:16inch(40mm)
  • Suit for horsepower between up to 115hpApplicable for sterndrives,inboards and other power assisted
  • Package Includes:
  • Bezel
  • Tube
  • Hardware

Installation and Maintenance Manual supplied

ssc62 or ssc92 boat steering cables suited to helm are as follows Teleflex SSC62 or SSC92 or older Morse D345 cable. Same quick connect feature. Example of part numbers ssc6206, ssc6207, ssc6208, ssc6209,ssc6210, ssc6211, ssc6212, ssc6213, ssc6214, ssc6215, ssc6216,ssc6217,ssc6218,ssc6219,ssc6220, ssc6221, ssc6222, ssc6223, ssc6224, ssc6225: Easy Example: ssc62(number) or ssc6215 would be a 15ft cable.