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BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP
BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP

BSA Hydraulic Outboard Motor Steering Kit up to 150HP


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Kit Includes:

 Steering wheel NOT included with this kit

• BSA helm pump 1000 PSI.

• BSABH300 Series front mount cylinder to suit major brands of outboard engines.

• 2 x 6.4 metre semi-rigid nylon hose kit suits most makes on the market.

• 2 X High pressure adjustable hose fittings included for optional length adjustment.

• oil filler kit.

Suits 3/4" tapered shaft fits most steering wheels on the market.


Suits most brands of outboards up to 150HP. Select your model from the dropdown list.

BSA front mount steering offers unmatched comfort and control. The most popular outboard hydraulic system offers smooth, super efficient steering for today's high performance hulls with single station outboards. 20% less effort at hard over than competitive brands. Ultra corrosion resistant materials are used throughout the hydraulic system.

The BSA Hydraulic System

High-horsepower/high-speed boating is here and steering systems must perform at maximum capacity. The BSA Hydraulic Steering System is designed to provide that extra margin of muscle when needed and easily handles Outboard, up to 50 feet.

System selection, installation and service is substantially simplified with just three major components – helm, cylinder and tube or hose. BSA has a comprehensive range of available cylinders to handle a variety of Outboards,These are suitable for both pleasure and commercial applications. Extra steering stations and/or autopilots are easily added.


• Easy to install

• Only three components: helm, cylinder & tube or hose

• Compact and attractive helm design

• Variety of helm mounting configurations

• Simple tube/hose fitting connections

• Clear, complete installation instructions

• Easy to fill and purge

• Engineered bleed fittings on the cylinders

• A helm and lock valve design that enhances air removal

• A no-mess filler device

• A filling and purging time of normally less than 30 minutes

• Easy to check for proper installation

• Easy purging check via filler device

• No searching for difficult-to-find air leaks

• Easy to turn

• Anti-friction piston points

• Designed to provide many years of service…

• Precision built

• Heavy-duty bearings instead of bushings

• All metal construction

• No corrosive materials exposed to marine environment

• Field replaceable helm and cylinder shaft seals

System Components

BSA hydraulic steering systems are simple and efficient. The basic system consists of three main components:

1. The Helm Unit

The BSA helm pump is an axial piston pump specifically designed for manual steering. It has a built-in lock valve to prevent the steering load from feeding back to the driver. The lock valve will not allow the rudder or drive unit to move until you move it with the steering wheel. The lock valve section of the helm also includes a relief valve. This relief valve provides over-pressure protection for mechanical components and hydraulic hoses and fittings.

2. The Cylinder

The most important differences between the variety of BSA steering systems available is the cylinder selection. The BSA system has a cylinder for most steering applications.

3. Hoses and Tubes

Required to provide a path for the fluid to flow under pressure from the helm pump to the cylinder.

Force Outboard Suitable Models:
(Year 1985 onwards Force 90HP-150HP)

Honda Outboard Suitable Models:

(Year 1992 onwards Honda 30HP-90HP), (Year 1998-2009 Honda 115HP-130HP), (Year 2001 Onwards Honda 150HP), (Year 2003 Onwards Honda BF135HP), (Year 2010 Onwards Honda 115HP-150HP)

Johnson / Evinrude Outboard Suitable Models: (Year 1977-1990 Johnson / Evinrude 65HP-150HP), (Year 1991 onwards Johnson / Evinrude 40HP-150HP), (Year 1997 onwards Johnson / Evinrude 115HP FICHT), (Year 1997 onwards Johnson / Evinrude 75HP-150HP FICHT), (Year 1998 onwards Johnson / Evinrude 40HP-140HP 4-STROKE)

Mercury / Mariner Outboard Suitable Models: (Year 1984 onwards Mercury / Mariner 75HP-150HP)

Nissan Outboard Suitable Models:
(Year 1990 onwards Nissan 120HP-140HP)

Suzuki Outboard Suitable Models: (Year 1986 onwards Suzuki 150HP), (Year 1996 ONLY Suzuki 115HP-140HP), (Year 1987-2002 onwards Suzuki 115HP-140HP), (Year 1990-2000 onwards Suzuki 90HP-100HP), (Year 1998 onwards Suzuki 40HP-70HP 4-STROKE), (Year 2001 onwards Suzuki 115HP-140HP 4- STROKE)

Tohatsu Outboard Suitable Models:
(Year 1990 onwards Tohatsu 40HP-140HP)

Yamaha Outboard Suitable Models: (Year 1998 onwards Yamaha 40HP-50HP), (Year 1998 onwards Yamaha 60HP), (Year 1986 onwards Yamaha 70HP-90HP), (Year 1997 onwards Yamaha 80HP-150HP 4-STROKE), (Year 2000 onwards Yamaha 25HP-60HP 4-STROKE), (Year 2010 onwards Yamaha 70HP 4-STROKE), (Year 1997-2013 Yamaha 115A 4-STROKE), (Year 2014 onwards Yamaha 115B 4-STROKE)

Yanmar Outboard Suitable Models:
(Year 1990 onwards Yanmar 27HP-36HP)

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