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Control Cables 33c

Universal control cable is a high quality cable with stainless steel ends.This product is the equivalent to Morse-Teleflex 33C & CC332 control cables. Selva Outboard, Yamaha Outboard, Suzuki Outboard, Tohatsu Outboard, Honda Outboard, C8 or C33, Sterndrive Volvo Penta, Inboard.
Universal control cable is a high quality cable with stainless steel ends. It is suitable for use with inboard, sterndrive and outboard engines with appropriate accessories. This product is the equivalent to Ultraflex C8 - Morse-Teleflex 33C & CC332 control cables.

Designed to fit Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Tohatsu, Selva and Chrysler Force motors.


High efficiency for smooth operation, and high flexibility for reduced bend radius.
Stainless steel cable end fittings, with high resistance black outer jacket.
Ideal for long complex cable routing.
Maintenance free.
Cross Reference
Part Number CCX63320 = 20ft Control Cable CCX633 is the type

Morse Part Number = 032377-03-240.0 = 20ft 33C (240''(inches )=20ft)
Cross Reference
Control Cable 6ft C8 1.83m Seastar Part No CCX63306 or Morse 032377-03-72.0
Control Cable 7ft C8 2.14m Seastar Part No CCX63307 or Morse 032377-03-84.0
Control Cable 8ft C8 2.44m Seastar Part No CCX63308 or Morse 032377-03-96.0
Control Cable 9ft C8 2.74m Seastar Part No CCX63309 or Morse 032377-03-108.0
Control Cable 10ft C8 3.05m Seastar Part No CCX63310 or Morse 032377-03-120.0
Control Cable 11ft C8 3.35m Seastar Part No CCX63311 or Morse 032377-03-132.0
Control Cable 12ft C8 3.65m Seastar Part No CCX63312 or Morse 032377-03-144.0
Control Cable 13ft C8 3.96m Seastar Part No CCX63313 or Morse 032377-03-156.0
Control Cable 14ft C8 4.26m Seastar Part No CCX63314 or Morse 032377-03-168.0
Control Cable 15ft C8 4.57m Seastar Part No CCX63315 or Morse 032377-03-180.0
Control Cable 16ft C8 4.87m Seastar Part No CCX63316 or Morse 032377-03-192.0
Control Cable 17ft C8 5.18m Seastar Part No CCX63317 or Morse 032377-03-204.0
Control Cable 18ft C8 5.48m Seastar Part No CCX63318 or Morse 032377-03-216.0
Control Cable 19ft C8 5.79m Seastar Part No CCX63319 or Morse 032377-03-228.0
Control Cable 20ft C8 6.09m Seastar Part No CCX63320 or Morse 032377-03-240.0
Control Cable 21ft C8 6.40m Seastar Part No CCX63321 or Morse 032377-03-252.0
Control Cable 22ft C8 6.70m Seastar Part No CCX63322 or Morse 032377-03-264.0
Control Cable 23ft C8 7.01m Seastar Part No CCX63323 or Morse 032377-03-276.0
Control Cable 24ft C8 7.31m Seastar Part No CCX63324 or Morse 032377-03-288.0
Control Cable 25ft C8 7.61m Seastar Part No CCX63325 or Morse 032377-03-300.0
Control Cable 26ft C8 7.91m Seastar Part No CCX63326 or Morse 032377-03-312.0