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Maintenance of Your Boat’s Mechanical Steering System

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Maintenance of Your Boat’s Mechanical Steering System
Maintenance of your steering system should be completed at least twice per year to keep it in working order and ensure smooth, safe operation. Corrosion of the steering cable can cause stiff movements, seizure, even total loss of steering control. Consult your manufacturers’ instructions before beginning any maintenance.

Maintenance Steps:
1. Inspect the steering system: look at the helm and engine end checking for any loose or corroded parts. Check the cable’s plastic jacket for any cracks, cuts, or signs of corrosion. If you locate any damage, find the part number to replace the cable completely, don’t try to repair it.

2. Maintenance of the steering cable: remove the steering cable’s telescopic ram from the tilt tube by loosening the lock nut at the end of the jacket. You’ll also need to undo the locking nut from the steering cable and drag link. Pull the cable by its jacket to free the ram of the tilt support tube. Clean the inside diameter of the tilt support tube and remove any corrosion in the tilt tube using a wire brush. Using a water resistant marine grease, lubricate the tilt tube. Clean the steering cable’s telescoping ram using a wire brush and wipe. Use the grease to lubricate the sliding parts of the telescopic ram.

3. Reassemble parts making sure everything is tight, and there is no excessive free play in the moving parts.

4. If a boat is not going to be used for a season, remove the cable output from the tube and store separately.

Replacing Cable Steering
It’s recommended that you completely replace the steering cable if it is damaged. The cable must be installed without any kinks, sharp bends or obstructions to ensure the skipper can manoeuvre the boat at any speed. Multiple bends in the cable can cause backlash and inefficient steering so use as few bends as possible when routing the cable.


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