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Quality, National, Affordable!

Boat Steering Australia provides the foremost service in quality steering systems throughout Australia. Our quality products suit most major outboard brands with options to fit any type of boater, whether professional or hobbyist.

All of our steering equipment provides the safest and most enjoyable usage of your boating controls. We’re Australian owned and operated, and we have a strong passion for boating and safety. We stop at nothing less than the best for our fellow boaters.

When you shop with us, you’ll find passionate boating experts that seek to spread the best in steering to all. We take real pride in our selection of products. If we wouldn’t recommend it to our own family, we wouldn’t sell it to you. We place a strong emphasis on making a partnership of fun and safety, because you deserve both, for whatever vessel you pilot.

We are a local, family owned business that has the expertise and experience you can trust. Every aspect of our business hinges on quality, from the steering products and kits we sell, to the passionate customer service, to the safe and satisfactory delivery of your new steering system. Delivery is free, no matter which part of our continent you inhabit.

Our Pricing!

Don’t let your steering upgrade break the bank or take away from other boating goodies!

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety or quality for affordability. Our product selection comes in a wide variety that fits any boater, with any budget, so you don’t have to compromise. Your steering upgrade is important, and so are the other components you want to invest in.

With Boat Steering Australia, we understand the desire to tailor your boating upgrades to enhance your boating trips, and because of that, we want you to be able to get a high-quality steering upgrade that leaves you some extra wiggle room for your other prospective upgrade. As a bonus to our fellow countrymen, all of our products include free shipping throughout Australia.  

We’ll See You Out There!

Put our products to great use and get out on that water for a smooth steering experience!

Serious boating fun should never mean neglecting serious boating safety, and vice versa. The products you’ll find at Boat Steering Australia will give you the peace of mind you need from a steering system. Even if you’re not looking to upgrade because of a current steering safety issue, the smooth steering you’ll get is a joy to manoeuvre.

Steering systems have become more advanced than ever before, whether you have a smaller leisure vessel or a larger commercial vessel. We’ve taken advantage of this advancement in steering technology and used it to offer our customers nothing but the best in premium steering systems and upgrades. If you’re searching for any kind of steering component, we’ve got you covered.  You’ll be delighted with our selection and pricing, we’re sure of it. So have a look around, and get the best boat steering system you’ve ever had the privilege of handling.

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